Consulting services

Our consulting services for electrical steel shops include study, specification and calculation of the following equipments:


  • High voltage equipment

  • Furnace transformer and series reactor

  • Electrode control system

  • Furnace switch gear

  • Automation systems Level 1 and Level 2


ASM Automation as a partner for the metallurgical industry also provides services related to the research of electric circuits of steel furnace:

There are many situations where it is necessary to have electric circuits in electric furnaces under control. The most visible is an investment in a new transformer. After it the electrical circuit must be designed exactly accoring requirements of the customer and this can mean a large number of questions before the final decision. Some of them:

  • The size of the transformer and the scope of the secondary voltage?
  • Reducing the voltage at PCC (joint power point)?

  • High-voltage switching devices and cabling?

  • Switches and sectoral switch?

  • Sufficient power of the transformer's?

  • Compensation with fixed filters or SVC?

All undiserable factors have in many cases large imapct on the operating costs of the company. The main factors are for example: electricity consumption, electrode consumption,....

ASM Automation is engaged in these issues and the work is based on the removing of undesirable effects for the purpose of improvement of the quality, economics and consumption, based on the possibility of renovation and modernization.