Company profile

ASM Automation was founded in 1999 in Germany and the company is focused on providing services in industrial automation.  Supplies a complex solution of industrial automation in the sphere of metallurgical and mechanical technologies (the global iron and steel and non-ferrous industries). Branches of the ASM Automation company are located in two countries, where experienced specialists take care of the projects. 

Since the beginning of its existence the company has specialized in automation with ABB systems, for example Vacuum Arc Furnaces, Cold rolling mill, Process Control Systems etc. mainly in Germany. With the expansion the ASM company commenced their work and extended their exports all over Europe, later on all over the World. At presence the ASM company is a specialist in a complex automation for wide scope of equipment for heavy industry (electrical arc, annealing, heating, soaking and ladle furnaces, continuous casting equipment, painting and assembly lines, single and multipurpose production and testing machines, straightening machines and cut-to-length lines) all over the world. 

We offer tailor-made solutions to our clients. These are renown for their top quality and excellent customer services. Our vision is to create and develop a customer-oriented, medium sized engineering/supplying company, which provides a complex set of services in the area of industrial automation. We are convinced that our ability to compete is strictly measured by the quality of services we provide. The best qualified evaluator of the level of our services is the customer. The basic tool for fulfilling our vision is the ability to pay close attention to our customers’ needs and meeting their requirements in a reliable and flexible manner from the idea to the service.

  • At the beginning of 2014 our company ASM Automation s.r.o. obtained new quality certificate on the basis of recertification audit - verification of the organization system according to system standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.