Metallurgical Services

Consulting services with our expert in metallurgy

Long experiences of our specialist cover a wide range of brands (about 2 000 symbols) from structural steel, low and medium-alloy steel including tool steel to high-alloy steel (Cr, Ni, Mn), austenitic steel and special steel for aircraft industry and power engineering. The counselling service is governed mainly by custommer needs.


Practical and theoretical development of steelmaking technology in primary and secondary metallurgy EAF + LF + VD/VOD. (Of melting, alloying, slag regime, chemical and thermal homogeneity, macro and micro cleanliness, gas content, etc.)


Practical and theoretical experience of the development of lining materials that is used for building and repairing for primary metallurgy for EAF and secondary metallurgy for LF and VD/VOD.