The four cornerstones of our philosophy

Quality and technical perfection
We offer services that are tailored to the needs of our customers, not just real solutions in real time, but are characterized by high technical standards and high level of customer service, so we can offer our customers the best solutions.

The company ASM Automation operates a quality management system that compies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008

Customer focus
At the forefront of everything we think and do are our customers. Our activities are geared towards their needs, their requirements and their wishes. The results of customer requirements and experience are constantly factored into our development process. We develop new products in close cooperation with our customers.

Innovation and change
Innovation and change are our guiding principles. Everything we think and do is characterised by the quest for the constant, ongoing improvement of our products and the search for new technological solutions. Our goal is permanent, continuous innovation, both in terms of our products and our organisation as a whole. Our conviction is this: ongoing innovation is the basis of long-term success. Only through constant renewal can the challenges of the future be faced.

Staff orientation
Our most important strengths are the people who stand behind ASM. Our success is based on their commitment, their skills and their ideas. Open communication with each other, respect for and recognition of others and the challenge of professional and personal development at individual level are all crucial for ASM.