Level1 Standard solution

Based on long experience and cooperation with leading companies in branch, like SMS Siemag AG, PRIMETALS TECHNOLOGIES, ETA., ANSALDO, DANIELI etc. we have developed our standard for programming PLC and visualization. Main benefits are:

- Short developing time – We have developed single-purpose functional blocks (for example valve, motor, pump, …) which are tested and ready to use. It is used for PLC as well as for visualization.

- Standardization – In all our projects are used the same standard blocks and program structure. Symbolic names also follow our rules.

- Coherence – Single-purpose function blocks are connected with objects in visualization by structure. It is not necessary to write separate variables and connecting them manually.

- Generation of variables - By macros in Excel is possible to create necessary variables very easily. At one place is possible to generate variables not only for PLC and visualization, but also for Level 2 system